English and Scientific Methods Instructor

Vacancy for: English and Scientific Methods Department

Ref Code: II9.1

The English & Scientific Methods Department provides high quality education that meets the needs of our students and their employers in Egypt, in the region and internationally. It enables GUC students to build their capabilities, skills and knowledge so as to enhance their opportunities in order to take full advantage of life–long learning.
Unlike any English, critical thinking, writing, or freshman qualifying program in any other university, the English & Scientific Method department at the GUC prepares our undergraduate for:
Postgraduate studies preparation: We do not only equip our undergraduates with the Academic skills required for writing a documented paper; but we also equip them with research skills that other universities would offer at a postgraduate level (e.g. understanding research methodology, understanding different types of research, and conducting a review of the literature as a first step towards conducting empirical research)
Undertaking job related tasks preparation: We equip our students with a spectrum of market-oriented soft skills such as presentation skills, communication skills, working in teams both as a team member and as a team leader, handling group discussions, working under pressure, meeting deadlines, report writing, multi-cultural awareness.

Tasks and Responsibilities:

• Teaching 24 hours a week
• Providing timely feedback to students’ assignments
• Proctoring quizzes and exams
• Entering students’ attendance and grades on the system in a timely manner
• Developing supplementary material
• Attending inter-rater reliability workshops and professional development
• Contributing to departmental research
• Supervising students’ activities
• Contributing to committees as assigned by the department
• Facilitating applicants’ admissions and placement
• Performing admin tasks relevant to the educational process as assigned by the department and/or the university

Necessary Qualifications:

• BA in TEFL/TESL or in English Language
• A minimum of a two-year teaching experience preferably to university students
• Native level proficiency in English
• Have experience studying or working in a multicultural atmosphere
• Experience in supplementary material development
• Comfortable with word, PPT, excel, outlook, and internet
• Have a high sense of commitment and a high sense of responsibility
• Work under pressure with high efficiency and accuracy
• Commitment to meeting deadlines
• A team player
• Having flexible working hours and willingness to work beyond the working hours and/or on weekends in order to meet job demands

Assets to be taken into consideration:

• MA in TEFL/TESL or in linguistics
• Have written a thesis and/or a dissertation in the field.
• A teaching certificate.
• Experience in teaching communication and presentation skills, critical thinking, problem solving, academic reading and writing, or note-taking.
• Experience in curriculum development.
• Familiarity with library online databases and university system databases.
• Working knowledge of Arabic.

Assets that are considered as a plus:

• A PhD in TEFL/TESL or in linguistics
• Experience in teaching research paper writing, research methodology, or proposal writing
• A professional certificate in translation and interpretation
• Experience in the field of testing and assessment
• Experience in teaching adults
• A working knowledge of German language
• Publications and conference presentations in the field.

Application Instructions:

• Interested applicants are invited to submit their curriculum vitae by applying through our website.
• Applications will be reviewed until position is filled. For best consideration, submit applications by latest the 15th of July 2024.
• For further information, please contact the Human Resources Department (

Post Date: Thursday, May 9, 2024

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