GUC accepts high school graduates holding the Egyptian General Secondary School Certificate (Al-Thanaweya Al-Amma), the German Secondary School Certificate (Abitur), the British Secondary School Certificates (GCSE, IGCSE), the American High School Diploma, the French Secondary School Certificate, the International Baccalaureate and other Equivalent Certificates accredited by the Supreme Council of Egyptian Universities and other concerned authorities.

Our decision for admission goes beyond any numerical formula or grade. In addition to the primary criterion of academic excellence, we look for students with high potentialities who can display a high degree of intellectual energy and creativity. GUC philosophy is to build on the points of strength in students. This will be reflected in the evaluation process of applicants in which the admission decision is not only dependent on the , but also on:

  1. The points of strength of students in subjects, where students show intellectual capabilities, as qualifying subjects for studying in the areas of their interest such as Engineering, Biological Science, Management or Applied Sciences and Arts as mentioned below.
  2. GUC Admission Evaluation includes:
    1. English Language Test
    2. Reasoning Test Try Online Demo

GUC Reasoning Test Demo

When you take the Test in GUC the steps are as follows:

  • A login window appears
  • Open the exam window
  • Type in your application number and the password chosen on the application form
  • Click the submit button and a new window appears with the exam
  • Choose the correct answer for each question and submit your exam.

Sample Questions


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