Refund Regulations

All deadline dates below apply to all students including those who are applying for Financial Aid and to students expecting scholarships.

  • Al- Thanaweyya Al-Amma: August 7 , 2019
  • Abitur: August 7 , 2019
  • American Diploma: August 8 , 2019 
  • Thanaweyya Amma from Arab countries: August 8 , 2019
  • International certificates (IB, French Bac., Canadian certificate, etc..): August 8 , 2019
  • IGCSE, GCSE: September 11 , 2019 

The amounts paid will be non-refundable after the above mentioned dates

  • Applying for refund at the Customer Service Office or withdrawing the student’s file from the Admission office at GUC means that the student is no longer a GUC applicant.
  • The procedures of the withdrawal and deletion of the registration in the Council for Private Universities / Ministry of Higher Education starts with applying for refund or withdrawal.
  • To cancel the withdrawal or refund the student must re-apply at GUC. In this case the student will be treated as a new applicant. Acceptance of student's request will be upon availability.
  • The student must return his ID (bus and library ID if applicable) to be able to receive his file including his original documents.
  • An amount of LE100 will be deducted for the ID in addition to the applicable percentage deduction from the refund amount.
  • The legal guardian’s signature is a must on the student’s refund and withdrawal Form.
  • The University will not be held responsible for students applying for refund / withdrawal and canceling it without officially informing the Admission Office and Customer Service Office.
  • Refund cheque will be delivered after 10 working days from the refund request
  • No refund of money will be accepted after the announced deadlines.