Steps and Procedures

According to GUC mission, the university is committed to attracting academically outstanding, creative and dynamic high school graduates to pursue academic excellence in teaching and research, as well as to develop their personal capabilities and potentialities.


  1. Online application

    1. The student must complete the online application.
    2. After filling in the online application, the student will get an application number.
    3. Once the student fills in the online application , s/he will receive an email “ admission test invitation email “ , where s/he will be required to reserve the admission test session online ( Please note that the German Schools’ graduates as well as students graduated from Germany are exempted from the admission tests )
    4. The student will receive a confirmation for her/his test session date and time.
    5. The student MUST follow the instructions written in the test confirmation email very carefully.
  2. GUC Admission test

    GUC Philosophy is to build on points of strength in students. This will be reflected in the evaluation process of applicants, which includes in addition to the final high school scores-the GUC Admission Exams which consist of:

    • GUC Reasoning Test:
      Duration:50 minutes.
      Details:Questions are classified into categories according to their types namely: verbal comprehension and relationships, induction, facts and results, deduction and discovery
      DemoTry Online Demo
    • GUC Computerized English Language Test:
      Duration:45 minutes.
      Details:Made up of 3 sections: language use, reading comprehension, and listening comprehension. It aims at finding out whether the student can study without difficulty in a university where the language of instruction is English; in other words whether the students can understand lectures delivered in English, and read textbooks and lecture notes written in English.

    Those who do not pass the test will have the chance to repeat the test only one more time for free.

    On the date of the Admission test, the student MUST arrive at the University at least ONE HOUR before the Session Time in order to complete the registration process for the test; the student should head to the Admission Office upon arrival and bring the following documents with him/her:

    • Copy/original of birth certificate
    • Student’s ID card or passport + a copy ( no student will be allowed to enter the admission exam unless he/she has an identification card)
    • Copy of legal guardian’s ID or passport
    • Test fees 1000 LE non refundable.
    • Copy of final High school certificate ( if available )

    For students applying for the Applied Sciences and Arts Faculty / Design Programs only:

    Submission of a Portfolio of Artistic Work, the On-campus drawing / Aptitude Test and Personal Interview

    Applicants will receive an email from the Admission Office to continue with the next step in the admission process for the faculty of Applied Sciences and Arts, which will be the submission of the portfolio and the On-campus Aptitude Test and interview.

    Students are kindly requested to choose a session and stick carefully to the instructions and requirements written in the “Portfolio submission and Aptitude Test invitation” email. Students will not be allowed to enter the exam without submission of the Portfolio of Artistic Work according to the requirements written in the email.

    The Aptitude test as well as the interview at GUC will be supervised by GUC staff. Applicants going through the On-campus Aptitude Test will also be requested to do a one-on-one interview with an appointed committee member to discuss the applicants work and mutual expectations from the future study plans.

    For more information, click below:

    Applied Sciences & Arts admission information »

    For students applying for the Civil or Architecture Study Programs:

    Applicants who wish to study in the Civil Engineering Study program or in the Architecture Engineering Program must:


    • Select their intended study group from the beginning at the time of application for admission to GUC.
    • Fulfill all admission requirements for the selected study program.
    • Final acceptance is based on the availability of free places and fulfillment of admission and selection criteria.
    • For more information, click below:

      Architecture Engineering admission information »


  3. For Program of Law and Legal Studies

    For students applying for the program of Law and Legal Studies, Passing the Arabic proficiency exam and interpersonal skills assessment is a Must for Admission

    Online Demo for Arabic Proficiency Exam »

  4. Certificate Evaluation, Study Offer and Categories

    Students who have received their High School results are required to bring originals or at least copies of their High School Certificate(s) result for evaluation in order to receive the Final Study Offer and the tuition category.

    Please note that the university will not be held responsible for any student, who pays without receiving the Study offer (conditional or final) from the admission office.

    It should be clear that the original documents are required for final approval and registration at GUC by the Council for Private Universities Ministry of Higher Education ( مكتب القبول الجامعات الخاصة – وزارة التعليم العالي)

    It is the student’s responsibility to complete his/her original file at GUC as required and announced and any incomplete file will lead to incomplete registration at GUC.

    Please be informed that submitting a document of higher SAT score (for the American Diploma students) or a new sitting (for the IGCSE students) to the Admission Office during the university study will not change the student’s evaluation or financial Category.

  5. Payment Procedures

    Upon receiving the Study Offer (Conditional or final), the student is required to go immediately to the Students Financial Affairs Office to collect the Payment Order for the down payment before the deadline.

    The student will proceed to the Bank for payment and will return the Bank Deposit slip to the Students’ Financial Affairs Office before the deadline date if the payment was made in another branch than the GUC – CIB branch.

    **(Payments are not considered without submitting the bank slip)
    Also, payments after the deadline or after the Payment order expiry date will not be considered.

    Egyptian students with dual nationality, who choose to join the university as non-Egyptian students will have to pay the tuition fees in Euros according to the regulation of the non-Egyptian students (changing your nationality during your study period at GUC will not be accepted).

  6. Issue of Student ID and GUC email account

    After paying the down payment, the student will proceed to receive his/her ID and the GUC email account.

    To issue the final University ID, all of the following steps must have been fulfilled:

    • passed the admission tests
    • evaluated and accepted
    • received the Final Study Offer
    • paid down payment
    • submitted a recent photo (not older than one year) 


    No student will be allowed to reserve a Placement Diagnostic exam session unless his/her photo is submitted.

    Students will receive their ID’s as well as the GUC email account on the same day of the Placement Diagnostic exam.

  7. Language Tests

    After receiving the Final Study Offer and paying the down payment, students are required to take the GUC Placement Diagnostic exam to find out their level of Academic skills proficiency and the corresponding level of English and Scientific method class they will attend during their normal course of study in their first academic year at GUC.

    Also students who have any background or knowledge of the German Language and want to skip the introductory level,must take another German Placement Test.

    1. English & Scientific Method Placement Exam
      • No student will be eligible to reserve a Placement Diagnostic exam session unless s/he has paid and has submitted a photo.

      • After receiving the Final Study Offer and paying the down payment, students are required to take the GUC Placement Diagnostic exam to find out their level of Academic skills proficiency and the corresponding level of English and Scientific method class they will attend during their normal course of study in their first academic year at GUC.

      • Exam sessions will be announced during each admission season.

      • The student will schedule her/himself for the Placement Diagnostic exam session through the English & Scientific Method Department, through the call center, or through using the online link. The student can schedule her/himself for any of the announced sessions based on availability, i.e. first come first served.

      • Kindly note that taking the Placement Diagnostic exam early may help exempt the students of one of their Academic Skills courses (Academic English) and if not will offer them the chance to take it during the summer of admission in order to start at a higher level, thereby easing their study load during their first academic year.

      • Registration for the test will be through using the student ID. (No student without the final GUC ID will be allowed to take the Placement Diagnostic exam)

      • The Placement Diagnostic exam is computerized except for the writing part and is made up of sections similar to those of the English admission exam with varying levels of difficulty.

      • The Placement Diagnostic exam places fully accepted students into one of two levels: the Study Skills and Scientific Methodology level and the Academic level.

        In the Study Skills and Scientific Methodology level, students will study four credit subjects over a two year span. The four credit subjects are: Academic Study Skills, Critical Thinking & Scientific Methodology, Research Paper Writing, and Communication and Presentation Skills.

        In the Academic level, the students study an extra non-credit subject as a prerequisite to studying the four credit subjects. The prerequisite subject, Academic English, in addition to the four credit subjects are also planned over a two year span.


      Students who are placed in the Academic English Level will have the chance to attend the summer Academic English course free of charge (exact course duration will be announced during each admission season), in order to complete it before the start of the Winter semester for new students. For registering for this summer Academic English course please contact the English & Scientific Method Department.

    2. German Placement Exam (optional)
      • All students admitted to GUC must take 4 mandatory Levels of German language (DE 1, DE 2, DE 3 and DE 4) during their first 4 semesters at GUC. Each German Course (4 hrs.) is awarded 2 Credit Points, which will be included in the calculation of the season’s GPA. All students have to successfully pass a Level 4 proficiency exam.

      • Students, who are applying to GUC and who have any background or knowledge of the German Language, should state their knowledge level of the German language in their online application (ex. Excellent, good or fair).

      • These Students will receive an invitation e-mail for the German Language Placement Test where they can reserve a place in one of the offered sessions.

      • The German Language Placement Test dates are to be announced. The Placement Test is a computerized exam.

      • Students who will sit for the German Placement test will receive the result by email. Those who will be placed, after their placement exam, in a level higher than DE 4 will be signed up to the next available Final exam of DE 4.

      • The German placement test is not a compulsory exam and skipping it will place the student automatically in the beginners’ course of the German Language.(DE1)

      • German School graduates or students with German mother-tongue will be exempted from the German Program after submitting the required proof at the admission office.

Academies Program Offering

The GUC is glad to announce the offering of its package of winter, spring and summer academies for the academic year 2017-2018. For more information, please check the academies announcement email.

The Aptitude Test


The main objective for the aptitude test is to measure general knowledge and skills about design to predict the performance of potential student applying for our design section – Faculty of Applied Sciences and Arts. The assessment criteria for this test are based on three main design fundamentals relating to applicants’ abilities and skills: creative thinking, visualising of concepts, and making of objects.

To achieve these objectives, FASA aptitude test is designed to assess the applicant’s ability to meet – with high standard - the requirements of these design fundamentals through three main phases as follows:

  • Phase one : Present design portfolio (evaluate visual and literature skills)
  • Phase two : Attend practical test (evaluate visual and making skills)
  • Phase three : Personal interview (evaluate creativity and ability to analytical thinking)

Each one of the above mentioned phases addresses a range of knowledge, skills, and techniques the applicant should demonstrate and show evidence of to finally meet the assessment criteria for this aptitude test with high standards. The following presents further explanation of the process, content, and assessment criteria of each phase:

Phase one: The design portfolio

Always keep in mind the main purpose of the portfolio – to effectively communicate and showcase you and your amazing design work. This reality is very important for any design student, before, during, and after studying design.

Portfolio submission + practical test + interview will take place on the same day. Applicants without a portfolio will NOT be allowed into the aptitude test at reserved date.

Portfolio Requirements:

Select 10-15 pieces of your best design work you did it before, and then prepare it to meet the following specifications.

  1. Portfolio shape
    • Prefer to submit your portfolio inside standard plastic album with transparency sleeves size A-3 (300x420mm) please put each work in one sleeve.
    • If you have bigger size works, take photos or scan them, then print them same size (A-3) and place in the album.
    • Write the following information at the back of each piece of work:
      1. Title of the piece
      2. Media of making
      3. Your full name
      4. Your ID number
  2. Portfolio content

    The model design portfolio must present variety of creative works done by different kind of media, and contain examples of:

    • Designs based on 2-dimensional compositions (2D) such as; freehand sketches, colour drawings, photography, collage, etc.
    • Designs based on 3-dimensional compositions (3D) such as; material forms representing functional or non-functional physical objects.
    • Showing skills and advanced techniques such as; shadow and light effects, perspective drawing, photography images, and collage composition, representing an addition and extra advantage
    • If you have any digital works, such as movie or animation, save it on CD and place it in one of the portfolio album sleeves.
    • If you have 3D physical objects, take photos of them from different angles and perspectives, print on paper and place the photos in one of the portfolio album sleeves.


    • Do not submit oil painting
    • Do not submit framed works
    • Do not submit rolled sheet of paper
    • Do not submit 3D objects (physical objects)
  3. Portfolio index

    Inside the first sleeve of your portfolio album print on A4 paper a descriptive list identifying each work by:

    • Title of work
    • Date of making
    • The media of production
    • The original overall size (for 3D objects)
  4. Extra curricular activities (if any)

    Add any extra support to your portfolio to show evidence of participation in competitions, winning awards, etc.

  5. Letter of motivation

    Explain in two paragraphs (not exceeding 250 words) why did you choose to apply to study design. Place this letter in the second page (sleeve) of your portfolio

A statement will be signed by the applicant at the Admission Office state that the work handed-in (all portfolio works) is done by the applicant him/herself.

Important note

  • The submitted portfolio should be complete according to the above-mentioned requirements and specifications. Incomplete portfolio will NOT be accepted.
  • Portfolio will be returned to applicant after the interview session
  • GUC cannot take any liability for loss or damage of the portfolio and its content, also will not save any unpicked portfolios.

Phase two & three: The practical test and interview session

These two phases of aptitude test will take place at the GUC, Faculty of Applied Sciences and Arts.

You are kindly asked to show up at the Student Affairs Office reception area – B4 ground floor at 09:00 am sharp. The practical test runs throughout the day and ends after the completion of all interviews at around 15:00 pm. The applicant takes full responsibility for any late arrival which will reduce his/her allowed time for practical work.

After your arrival you will start with the practical work on a task given to you by the aptitude test supervisors. During the process each applicant is asked for an interview with the aptitude test committee, reflecting on his/her portfolio works and general questions relating to the study program. The aptitude test committee will be composed of two staff members of the Faculty of Applied Sciences and Arts.

We consider the interview as highly important and crucial for the final decision on the acceptance of the applicant.

Kindly make sure to bring the following material with you to use in the practical test:

  • Personal ID (passport or national ID)

Art material

  • A range of pencils in various grades
  • Coloured pencils
  • Pens
  • 1 pack (1 colour) of Plasticine (modelling paste from e.g. Samir & Ali)
  • Ruler
  • Pair of scissors
  • Graphic cutter
  • Glue or glue stick
  • Old newspapers, old magazines
  • A range of coloured paper in A4

During the practical part of the aptitude test applicants are expected to prove their ability to correspond to a spontaneous task in a creative way. Potential skills like drawing, imagination, time management, and oral communications will be assessed. The practical part of the aptitude test aims to draw a general picture of the applicant’s capabilities and creative potentials.

Due to the teaching curriculum structure of the Faculty of Applied Sciences and Arts foundation courses we will not aim to specifically test the candidates on one of the faculty ´s design majors: product, graphic or media.

مادة(87) من الدستور

مشاركة المواطن في الحياة العامة واجب وطني, ولكل مواطن حق الانتخاب والترشح وإبداء الرأي في الاستفتاء, وينظم القانون مباشرة هذه الحقوق, ويجوز الإعفاء من أداء هذا الواجب في حالات محددة يبينها القانون.

وتلتزم الدولة بإدراج اسم كل مواطن بقاعدة بيانات الناخبين دون طلب منه, متي توافرت فيه شروط الناخب, كما تلتزم بتنقية هذه القاعدة بصورة دورية وفقا للقانون. وتضمن الدولة سلامة إجراءات الاستفتاءات والانتخابات وحيدتها ونزاهتها, ويحظر استخدام المال العام والمصالح الحكومية والمرافق العامة ودور العبادة ومؤسسات قطاع الأعمال والجمعيات والمؤسسات الأهليه في الأغراض السياسية والدعاية الانتخابية.


تضمن الدولة كل ما يلي فيما يخص الاستفتاءات و الانتخابات ما عدا

يحظر استخدام كل ما يلي في الدعاية الانتخابية ما عدا

في عبارة "تضمن الدولة حيدتها" تكون حيدتها أقرب في المعنى إلى

لكل مواطن الحق في كل ما يلي في الانتخابات ما عدا

تدرج الدولة أسماء المواطنين بقاعدة بيانات الناخبين

For Architecture Engineering Study Programs, applicants must pass the on-campus aptitude test as a pre-requisite for acceptance.

  • The applicants will receive an email from the Admission Office to continue with the next step in the admission process for the Architecture study program which is to sit for the Aptitude exam.
  • Students are kindly requested to choose a session and stick carefully to the instructions and requirements written in the "Aptitude Test invitation" email. The Aptitude test will be supervised by GUC staff.
  • Students are allowed to take the Aptitude Test only one time during the same admission.

The Architecture aptitude exam aims to:

  • Measure your drawing observation skills
  • Sense of proportion
  • Aesthetic sensitivity
  • Knowledge of geometry, and proportions
  • Spatial imagination
  • Drawing and coloring skills
  • Test freehand sketching

GUC Reasoning Test Demo

When you take the Test in GUC the steps are as follows:

  • A login window appears
  • Open the exam window
  • Type in your application number and the password chosen on the application form
  • Click the submit button and a new window appears with the exam
  • Choose the correct answer for each question and submit your exam.

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