2024 Camps

Junior Talents Camps 2024

Round 2

Registration is now open for the 2nd round of Junior Talents. In line with the GUC social role towards the community, we are happy to announce for the 2nd round of Junior Talents during the Mid-year recess. Target Age Group: 16-18 years

Confirmation emails will be sent after the registration closes.

All camps are fully free of charge.

Junior Talents 2024 – Round 2

Registration link: https://forms.office.com/r/hfL5Q3AqEu

"Come explore your inner Talents with us"

Round 1

Junior Talents is back in 2024 with a varied and exciting programme of several camps to cater for every level of interest and talent. For two years, the programme has served over 750 high school students, who have benefited from all the high-end facilities at the GUC and enjoyed an exceptional educational experience with their peers. The aim of Junior Talents is to introduce the various programmes on offer at the GUC in a simplified way through hands-on activities that are part of a one or two day camp. All workshops are supervised by GUC faculty professors. The entire programme is completely free of charge as part of the GUC's social outreach to youth and Egyptian society. There are only a limited number of places on each programme, so your registration will only be confirmed once a confirmation e-mail has been sent after the registration deadline.

Target age Group (16-18 years)

Registration deadline: 15th of January

Registration link: https://forms.office.com/r/VzQ77usWbf

For further inquiries please contact: junior.talents@guc.edu.eg

"Come explore your inner Talents with us"



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