Financial Aid

GUC provides a financial aid program for cases facing serious financial difficulties (force majeure) following a thorough inquiry on the social status conducted by the special committee in charge.

Regulations & Policies

  1. Financial aid is offered to support those who actually need it.

  2. Students who may receive financial aid are:

    • Students with financial difficulties
    • Students who have brothers / sisters at GUC (enrolled students at GUC MUST have a GPA of 3.00 or better to enjoy the brothers / sisters financial aid). In this case you should inform the financial aid Office officially by providing photocopies of the IDs with the Financial Aid Application.
    • Students with national / international sports or cultural achievements

  3. All above cases MUST submit Financial Aid Applications before the deadline. Late applications submitted after the deadlines are only considered for the following year. Force majeure cases may be considered for the coming semester.

  4. The decision is based on many parameters related to the budget available every year, the number of applications, the actual financial status of the applicants, how proper and complete the application is filled out, the supporting documents presented with the application, etc.

  5. Results of the financial aid committee decision are sent by e-mail to students.

  6. Unless otherwise mentioned in the committee decision that is sent to the student, the financial aid granted is applicable for the whole study period under the following conditions:

    • The student should maintain a satisfactory performance throughout his / her study duration. (Yearly cumulative GPA not more than 3.00 –"C", students who score more than yearly cumulative GPA 3.00 will have their Financial aid removed)
    • All the information presented in the application together with the supporting documents must be correct at the time of submission
    • The parents must send a timely notice of any significant change in the family situation, or in family income or assets
    • The German University in Cairo has the right and authority to inspect all documents and to investigate with any individual or organization (including banks) the information needed to support this application at any time
    • The university is entitled to cancel or review the amount of financial aid in case of:
      • Change in student's financial status
      • Change in student's academic status
      • Student's misconduct or breach of university regulations

  7. Any attempt to hide required information or any information turning out to be incorrect will result in refusal of this application and may lead to expulsion from the university

  8. If the results are negative, parents are entitled to ask for reconsideration of the application by writing an appeal and filling out a new application to be considered for the following semester. The application must be submitted at the Financial Aid office before the deadline

  9. The university reserves the right to reject applications without stating the reasons for rejection

  10. Applications MUST be properly filled out and submitted with all supporting documents needed. Incomplete applications and applications without signature of the parents will not be considered. No supporting documents will be accepted after submitting the application. Documents submitted with the Financial Aid Application Form are not considered to be in the student’s originals file and will not be returned to the student.


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