Academic Programs

The GUC offers outstanding undergraduate curricula to its students. Those programs are instructed by exceptional professors, PhD holders and scholars of internationally recognized research and academic institutes. We are proud to have such a uniquely selected staff that brings about perfection to our students and to our institute. It is this team that nourishes the GUC and promotes its reputation to become one of the leading educational institutes in Egypt.

An overview of the Faculties offered at the GUC can be found under Faculties link. There are seven faculties; Faculty of Information Engineering and Technology, faculty of Engineering and Material science, faculty of Media Engineering and Technology, faculty of Management Technology, faculty of Applied Science and Arts, faculty of Pharmacy and Biotechnology and faculty of postgraduate studies and research.

Please visit our Course Catalog, Programs and Departments to take a wider and deeper view of your possible education tracks at the GUC. We encourage you to ask our assistance in deciding on your course of study at the GUC. If you have trouble figuring out which studying route you would like to follow, if you have any difficulty in understanding the course studies and the differences between each of them, or if you would just like to share your ideas, understandings or your future plans, we would be more than pleased to give you assistance and support.



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