The Doctoral of Business Administration (DBA) (also known as Executive Doctorate in Business Administration) is a terminal degree similar to the Doctoral of Philosophy (PhD), but geared primarily towards applied business research. The DBA is the natural extensions of the MBA. The DBA is pursued by experienced business professionals who have completed an MBA and wish to challenge themselves with a significant learning experience. The DBA requires coursework and research beyond the master degree.

Study Program

The DBA program consists of two parts. Part one, consists of course work that focus on building the student’s writing skills, research skills and advanced knowledge in the area of specialization. The total duration of this phase is 4 semesters. The required courses are:

  1. Advanced Topics in Accounting
  2. Advanced Topics in Finance
  3. Marketing Theory
  4. Advanced Organizational Behavior
  5. Advanced Topics in Operations
  6. Organizational Performance Management
  7. Advanced Research Methodology
  8. Advanced Multivariate Statistics
  9. Qualitative Analysis
  10. Specialization 1
  11. Specialization 2
  12. Specialization 3

Part two of the program focuses on the Dissertation. This part may only be started after the successful completion of all courses and passing a comprehensive exam covering the first twelve courses listed above (semester 1, 2 and 3 courses). The duration of the Dissertation stage is three semesters, extendable to six. In this stage, the student conducts a study based on an approved proposal with a faculty supervisor. At completion, the student must successfully defend the Dissertation in front of an examination committee.

Attendance and Schedule

Duration of the Program

The length of the program may vary among students. However, we expect students to graduate within 3 to 4 years.

Class duration is 120 minutes and meets once a week. Students have fixed schedules to attend two classes per night for two nights a week every semester. The teaching schedule is as follows:

First day Second day
Semester 1 Saturday Monday
Semester 2 Sunday Wednesday
Semester 3 Tuesday Thursday

Program Details

Areas of Specialization

Students select a specialization from the following list:

  1. Management specialization courses are:
    1. Organization Theory (2nd semester)
    2. Strategic Human Resource Management (3rd semester)
    3. Advanced Strategic Studies (3rd semester)
  2. Finance and Accounting specialization courses are:
    1. Strategic Accounting & Financial Management (2nd semester)
    2. Financial Analysis & Security Evaluation (3rd semester)
    3. Financial Markets & Institutions (3rd semester)
  3. Marketing specialization courses are:
    1. Consumer Psychology (2nd semester)
    2. Services Marketing (3rd semester)
    3. Contemporary Marketing Studies (3rd semester)

Below is a table showing the structure and duration of the program:

Semester 1 Semester 2 Semester 3 Semester 4 Semester 5 & 6
Advanced Topics in Accounting Advanced Topics in Finance Organizational Performance Management
Advanced Multivariate Statistics Qualitative Analysis Advanced Research Methodology Comprehensive Exam Dissertation
Marketing Theory Advanced Topics in Operations Specialization course
Advanced Organizational Behavior Specialization course Specialization course

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