Prospective Students

Welcome to the German University in Cairo. Thank you for your interest in the GUC. We are honored that you are considering the GUC as an option to your college education.

The GUC is the first German university outside Germany as well as being the first private German university in Egypt. The GUC follows the German system in all what is related to the education process.

Soon our students get accustomed to such a firm yet flexible system. The advantages of such a system bring our students into a flourishing state of mind and soul. A GUC student adapts to the punctuality of the German system in all aspects as well as to the German methodology of education where the highest levels of scientific integrity and educational quality are supported.

The GUC not only concentrates on nourishing our students’ minds with knowledge but also gives space to their souls. We as GUC family believe in engaging our students in activities that would allow their further development in aspects that are needed for their life after leaving college. No books could allow them to acquire such skills but only with their interaction in such activities will they reach a significant quality improvement and continuing professional development.

Please take the time to read more about the different programs offered at our institute to assist you in finding your program of interest. After you are decided on your program of interest, please visit the Admission section where you will be taken step by step into how to apply at the GUC. You can also have a look at the student life at the GUC where you can vividly see how GUC students live everyday within the GUC campus. You can also have a look at our Media Gallery where some live pictures and videos of your colleagues-to-be are available.

We are open to any questions, inquiries, suggestions or comments. Please find our contact information for any further details.


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