Chairman's Initiative of Freshmen Special Support Program


  1. Guidance for the students throughout the most critical transitional stage; that is the transfer from school life to the university atmosphere. Helping them to acquire the GUC’s spirit, vision and criteria. Students should be able to grasp the truth of the university experience.
  2. Listening to students’ problems and working on having them solved and supporting of students’ activities.
  3. Scholars should be taught to clench the perception of happiness; they should choose and desire to be content.
  4. The committee’s main goal should be making the students’ lives trouble-free and more flexible.
  5. Maintaining better communication and understanding of undergraduates. As well as handling students’ complaints and dealing with them with RESPECT, kindness and at the same time following strictly the RULES.
  6. Supporting the Complaint Center for fast and prompt reaction and handling students’ complaints in full transparency.
  7. Follow up of students’ cases via the QMAC (Quality Management and Accreditation Committee), Probation Program, Mentoring Program and Success Center.
  8. Offering First year students, provision and encouragement.
  9. Development of 1st Year students’ curricula committee to involve students and encourage them to share with their opinion.
  10. Solving any issues related to first year schedules and resolving any oriented troubles.
  11. Conducting of extensive orientation with the first year students.
  12. The committee should facilitate the students’ selection of what suits them most among the assorted GUC’s programs/majors. The group should work on broadening their vision, enhancing their freedom of choice and boosting their hopes and self-capabilities.
  13. The 1st year Deanship member should implant the sense of responsibility, in the first year students.

Furthermore, this will mutually underpin the sense of noble approach of the responsibility for all; coordinator, lecturers, TAs and students. No one can omit his obligation and sense of duty then.

Main Approaches:

  1. 1st Year Deanship for each study group
  2. 1st Year Academic Coordinator for each study group
  3. 1st Year Committee consisting of members of the following Departments:
    • Student Affairs
    • IT / Technical Support Department
    • Student Activities
    • Complaint Center
    • Teaching Assistants
    • University President’s Office
    • German / English Center
  4. 1st Year Students’ Curricula Committee in coordination with the QMAC (Quality Management and Accreditation Council) for assimilating students’ feedback.
  5. Extra Orientation Sessions, besides the usual Sessions, are to be combined to cover all aspects that every new applicant might need for a smooth start of the semester:
    • Parents' and Applicants General Information Session: where the Chairman, President and Faculty Dean welcome the new Comers. In addition to this, a Presentation about the GUC IT system and SCAD office (Student Career and Alumni Development) shall take place.
    • Faculty’s Academic Orientation: held for the new students’ to provide them with an overview of the courses, majors, and curricula along with other important aspects.
    • Student Support Orientation by Mentoring Program: for explaining to the newly joined students the dissimilarities between University and school lives.
    • Student Affairs Orientation: explaining the GUC Rules and Regulations, Examination system, IT system, Library, German Center, English Center as well as the GUC Mentoring and Probation Program.
  6. Awareness meeting with the Academic Coordinators
  7. Awareness meeting with all Faculties teaching assistants
  8. Special Facebook Page for each study group for the 1st year students.

Facebook Page for the First Year Students:

Students shall interconnect with the 1st year academic coordinators via launching a Facebook page to certify credibility and transparency. The page shall augment direct responsive communication every particular instance. The Facebook account shall also furnish updated information.

The page shall outspread coordination, comprehensive orientation, as well as students’ and coordinator’s awareness of the various issues taking place. The communication on Facebook is to be constructed on discipline, peacefulness, and equality. Political, religious and ideological views are totally off points and not allowed.



Coordinator and Facebook page admin

Facebook page


Prof. Yasser Higazy

Ms. Mona Mansour

GUC First Year Engineering

Pharmacy and Biotechnology

Dr. Mahamed El Azizi

Ms. Ola

GUC First Year Pharmacy and Biotechnology students

Management and Business Informatics

Dr. Ehab Yassin

Mrs. Nora Mahmoud

GUC First Year Management & Business Informatics


Dr. Hossam Salama

Ms. Jaida

GUC First Year Architecture and Urban Design

Applied Sciences and Arts

Dr. Ahmed Wahby

Ms. Reem

GUC First Year Applied Sciences and Arts



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