The GUC Nursery is located on-campus to provide young children of its staff members a unique modern, purpose-built day care facility. The GUC Nursery is based on a professional German educational system and curricula, which prepares the kids to get acquainted to the German qualities and educational standards.

The philosophy is to ensure that a child's time at nursery should be both: educational and fun. The Nursery’s outdoor playground area allows the kids to play in a free healthy atmosphere.

There is also a great emphasis on healthy living and eating through the daily provision of freshly prepared nutrition-balanced meals and snacks. The Nursery offers the breakfast, lunch, snack and early dinner prepared in the Nursery’s own kitchen.

The nursery currently cares for 52 children up to the age of three. The GUC nursery serves as a transition from home to the commencement of more formal schooling. GUC Staff have the opportunity to leave their children at the GUC nursery, where their youngsters are taught to develop basic skills through creative play and social interaction as part of the preschool system.

The GUC Nursery offers both German and English KG programs to prepare the children for school interviews. GUC Teachers play a vital role in the development of children by introducing children to the English and German languages, mathematics and science through games, music, artwork, films, books and other tools to teach basic skills. In addition, we offer educational trips for KG, as well as family socializing events.

The nursery offers classes for:

  • Baby Group: age 3 – 12 months
  • Toddlers Group: age13 – 21 months
  • Kids Group: age 22 – 30 months
  • KG - German / KG – English: age 30 months

The Nursery working hours are daily from 8:00 am till 6:00 pm, except Fridays.


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