• Openness

    We will be open, straightforward and inclusive in dealing with our stakeholders and ensure effective communication both internally and externally.

  • Innovation

    GUC has a creative , market-focused approach to its teaching , research and management activities . Its performance will be measured by indications of customer satisfaction.

  • Respect

    All our people are fundamental contributors to GUC success. Respect and integrity are required in our treatment to each other.

  • Truth

    We seek truth in our pursuit for knowledge through depending on concrete scientific facts.

  • Teamwork

    Together we can achieve more through participative problem solving, collaboration and partnerships, and soliciting new ideas.

  • Flexibility and Responsiveness

    Change and continuous improvement are essential to our continued success.

  • Diversity

    GUC doors are open to men and women without regard to race, ethnicity or disability.


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