The GUC Masters of Business Administration is a management education program that provides a general knowledge in all business functional areas with an in-depth study of topics selected by the students according to their personal development prospects from the following majors:

  • Strategic Management

  • Finance

  • Human Resources and Organization Behavior

  • Entrepreneurship and Technological Innovation

  • Information Systems

  • International Business

  • Accounting and Financial Control

  • Marketing

  • Operations Management

Each major includes five courses: 3 major courses + 1 elective + 1 seminar. Every student has to prepare a thesis in order to deeply explore a management issue in which s/he integrates theory and practice.

Basic Information

Attendance and Schedule
  • Attendance is mandatory. As a general rule each course meets once per week. In the Summer Semester classes meet twice per week for each course.

  • Classes are held either from 6:15 pm to 8:15 pm or from 8:30 pm to 10:30 pm depending on the class schedule each semester. In the Summer Semester classes are held from 6.30 pm to 9.30 pm.

  • The schedule spans from Saturday to Wednesday.

Program details

Business students are required to specialize in three majors whereas non-business students can specialize in only 2 majors (see table below).

Requirements Business Students Non-business Students
Fundamental courses N/A 8
Mandatory courses 2 2
Number of Majors 3 (4-5 courses per major) 2 (5 courses per major)
Thesis 1 1
Total 16 +Thesis 21 +Thesis
In case the student has obtained a non-satisfactory score in the GMAT, s/he has to take a skills enhancement course. The course might vary in orientation and number of hours depending on the analysis of the score submitted.

A. The mandatory courses for all MBA students:

  • In the first semester: Academic Business Skills Course- Part I

  • In the second semester: Academic Business Skills Course – Part II

  • From the second semester onwards: Research Methodology (RSMD 901). It is a prerequisite for seminars and thesis.

B. Fundamental Courses for Non- business Students:

Before declaring their majors, the non-business students have to complete 6 of the 9 general management courses found below to start registering for the courses of the 2 majors of their choice. The 9 general management courses for non-business students are:

First semester (you should select min. 2 of the courses below):

  1. Math and statistics for business (MATH 901)

  2. Advanced accounting (CTRL 901)

  3. Human resources management (HROB 901)

  4. Introduction to business economics (ECON 901)

Second semester (you can start taking any of the courses below):

  1. Marketing management (MRKT 901)

  2. Operations management (OPER 901)

  3. Corporate finance (FINC 901)

  4. Entrepreneurship (INNO 901) (CTRL 901 is a prerequisite)

C. Major’s MBA Courses for all MBA Students:

Note: Strategic Management Major:

For non-business students:

If you do choose the strategic management major, then you can choose your electives from any of the MBA majors. If strategic management is not chosen as 1 of the 2 majors, then your electives for the 2 majors will have to be STRA 703 and 1 of the following: STRA 702 or STRA 704. (see below for course names)

For business students:

If you choose the strategic management major, then you can choose your electives from any MBA major. If strategic management is not chosen as 1 of the 3 majors, then your electives for 2 majors will have to be STRA 703 and 1 of the following: STRA 702 or STRA 704. (See below for course names). The third elective can be from any MBA major.

Courses per major

To complete a major, 4 courses and a seminar must be taken. One of the four is an elective course, i.e. can be taken from the major or replaced by any other course from any major. The seminar is mandatory for each major and aims to prepare the students for their Masters Thesis.

  • Strategic Management

    • Corporate Renewal/Change Management (STRA 701) / Organizational Change (HROB 703)

    • Business Dynamics (STRA 702)

    • Strategic Management (STRA 703)

    • Strategic Analysis(STRA 704)

    • Strategic Management Seminar (STRA 705)

  • Finance

    • Portfolio management and Investment Analysis (FINC 702)

    • Advanced Corporate Finance (FINC 704)

    • Alternatively: Bank management and Credit Analysis (FINC 706)

    • BOSS Bank Management (FINC 707)/ Simulation Crash Course

    • International Finance (FINC 802)

    • Finance Seminar (FINC 705)

  • Human Resources and Organization Behavior

    • Leadership and Motivation (HROB 701)

    • Compensation Management (HROB 706)

    • Organizational Change (HROB 703) / Corporate Renewal (STRA 701)

    • Staffing and Development (HROB 702)

    • Seminar in Human Resources (HROB 705)

  • Entrepreneurship and Technological Innovation

    • Technology Strategy (INNO 702)

    • Managing the Innovation Process (INNO 701)

    • Developing Novel Products and Services (INNO 703)

    • Product and Process Innovation (INNO 704)

    • Seminar in Innovation and Technology Management

  • Information Systems

    • Information Management (INSY 701)

    • Electronic Business (INSY 702)

    • Business Intelligence (INSY 703)

    • IS Project Management (INSY 706)

    • Seminar in IS (INSY 705)

  • International Business

    • International Trade and Trade Policy (ECON 701)

    • International Business (IBUS 701)

    • Economic Development and Development Economics (IBUS 702)

    • Transnational Management (IBUS 703)

    • Seminar in International Business (IBUS 705)

  • Accounting and Financial Control

    • Planning and Budgeting (CTRL 703)

    • Performance Measurement and Company Evaluation (CTRL 704)

    • Internal Auditing and Risk Management II (CTRL 706)

    • Internal Auditing and Risk Management I (CTRL 707)

    • Seminar in Management Control (CTRL 705)

  • Marketing

    • Buyer Behavior (MRKT 701)

    • Market Research (MRKT 709)

    • Strategic Marketing (MRKT 801)

    • International Marketing (MRKT 704)

    • Seminar in Marketing (MRKT 705)

  • Operations Management

    • Supply Chain Management (OPER 706)

    • Manufacturing Strategy (OPER 702)

    • Service Engineering and Production (OPER 703)

    • Advanced Manufacturing (OPER 704)

    • Seminar in Operations Management (OPER 705)


The Master of Business Administration (MBA) program is accredited by the German Akkreditierungs,- Certfizierungs- und QualitÓ“tssicherungs-Institute (ACQUIN) ( ACQUIN was established by the Bavarian Rectors Conference in 2000 to accredit programs of higher education in Germany and abroad. The implementation of all accreditation procedures is based on the international standards of good practice, especially on the Standards and Guidelines for Quality Assurance in the European Higher Education Area (ESG). Accreditation by ACQUIN is a strong sign of the MBA’s world-class quality standards.

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