Teaching Assistants- Ceramics and Moulding Workshops

Vacancy for: Faculty of Applied Sciences and Arts

Ref Code: II8.3.4

The Design Workshops are an interdisciplinary department within the Faculty of Applied Sciences and Arts at the German University in Cairo. They currently consists of seven separate workshop units. The Ceramics and Moulding workshops belongs to the Form and Volume workshop cluster.
The department’s mission is to teach all students practical skills relevant to the majors Graphic, Media and Product Design. Throughout the majors, the workshops are an important resource, where students conduct experiments, realise assignments, create design prototypes, and participate in research.

The Design Workshops contribute to the unique profile of the Faculty of Applied Sciences and Arts as a leader in design education in Egypt.

The Faculty is searching for a creative professional and recent Arts graduate with specialist craft
experience to the fill the vacancy as Teaching Assistant in Ceramics and Moulding. The candidate
should be motivated to gain experience within an intercultural academic environment and be willing to
develop own profile at the intersection of design, craft and technology.

Qualifications, Experience, Skills:
- a Bachelor degree in a design related discipline
- proven experience and knowledge of more than one of the following craft areas:
 clay modelling techniques, pinch, slab, coil and wheel
 glazing and firing techniques
 plaster moulding and casting techniques
 plaster carving techniques
 wax, clay and other modelling techniques
 digital 3D modelling techniques, CAD, Rhino etc.
 digitally steered manufacturing and prototyping techniques such as CNC routing and 3D printing
- fluency in English
- Patience and good communication skills
- intercultural competence
- ability to work under pressure
- the desire to develop a personal research agenda within the workshop environment and to complete
a Master Degree within the 3 year contract

Job Description:
Assisting the Workshop Supervisors in the Ceramics and the Moulding Workshops in all aspects of
workshop management, thereby expanding the capacity, efficiency and creative profile of both
workshops which work in close collaboration. The Teaching Assistant will be an important link between
ceramics and moulding related disciplines and is expected to divide his/her attention equally between
the two workshop areas. As part of a team, the Teaching Assistant will work together with the
supervisors and Head of Department to design courses and assignments, relevant to the needs of the
faculty in particular those of the Product Design Department.

- preparing materials for courses together with the technical assistant
- ensuring each student is following steps correctly
- Ensuring safety regulations are followed
- independent teaching of some course elements
- assisting and advising students in their project work
- ensuring all equipment is correctly maintained and the workshop is kept clean, tidy and safe
- assisting in organizational and administrative duties within the department
- taking student attendance lists
- initiating and conducting a personal research project within the workshops

The Teaching Assistant will report to the workshop supervisors and the Head of Workshops and
coordinate his/her work together with the Technical assistant in a dynamic, international team collaboration, flexibility and dependability are of paramount importance.

Post Date: Tuesday, November 15, 2022

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