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Ref Code: II7.1

The German University in Cairo invites applications for vacancies to be filled effective September 2022 or February 2023

The Physics Department offers introductory and advanced Physics-related courses for all students of Engineering and Pharmacy Faculties and M.Sc. program in Physics.

Position Description
• Prepare materials and assemble, disassemble, clean and store equipment needed for individual and group laboratory experiments for labs being conducted in the program, which include: Mechanics, Electricity, Magnetism, Optics, Waves or any other labs for other affiliated courses in the department.
• Schedule preparation of lab experiments.
• Store and dispose of hazardous wastes using safety procedures.
• Assist in informing faculty and staff of proper hazardous waste disposal procedures.
• Monitor the regular inspection of lab equipment
• Maintain Safety Data Sheets in an organized, accessible fashion.
• Enforce lab safety codes in all science lab areas to assure student and employee safety.
• Communicate with science faculty regarding special needs and maintenance of laboratory facilities.
• Maintain inventory system of all science supplies and special equipment
• Coordinate purchasing of all science supplies and special equipment with division director.
• Coordinate maintenance of laboratory equipment (service or replace).
• Make appropriate recommendations for cost effective utilization of allocated resources.
• Maintain a reference library of scientific catalogs, instruction manuals, keys, troubleshooting guides, and operation and parts manuals for laboratory equipment and models as requested.
• Perform assigned responsibilities, duties, and tasks according to established practices, procedures, techniques, and standards in a safe manner and with minimal supervision.
• Assist with preparation and supervision of practical exams and other evaluation methods.

• Bachelor degree of science in Physics, engineering, or related field required.
• 1-2 years of laboratory experience.
• Aware of all physics experiments equipment’s, fixing and designing experiments related to different topics in physics is a must.
• Very good English language is required.

Application Instructions:

Interested applicants are invited to submit their curriculum vitae.

Submissions will be reviewed starting the 1st of August, 2022 but applications are welcome until the position is filled

For further information, please contact the Human Resources Department (

Post Date: Sunday, July 17, 2022

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