Junior System Developer

Vacancy for: Information Technology

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Position Summary: Responsible for different aspects of the software development process and the resulting software lifecycle activities (under the supervision of senior system developers and team leaders and in collaboration with other team members).

• Implement, integrate, test and maintain system units.
• Design, implement and test any supporting databases.
• Obtain full understanding of business scope and context surrounding current tasks and activities.
• Frequently integrate the developing application with the work of other developers on the team.
• Heavy involvement in operational-level business and database transaction for maintaining, revising and performing business transactions when needed.
• Maintaining awareness with GUC systems concepts, designs and standards.
• Staying updated with departmental policies, guidelines, instructions relating to process engineering.
• Provide technical expertise in information technology applications (custom built or commercially available alternatives).
• Heavily involved in system operation supervision and maintenance.
• Maintain detailed and updated documentation of all development and design activities.

• University degree is a must (preferably in Computer Engineering or Computer Science)
• Up to 2 years of experience in system design, implementation and development.

• Very good command of both spoken and written English.
• Excellent development skills on all major version of .NET Framework and related IDEs
• Excellent web development skills (server side – ASP.NET C# – and different modern client side tools and platforms based on HTML, CSS and JavaScript.
• Deep understanding and full practice of Object Oriented Programming concepts and techniques.
• Concrete knowledge of Microsoft SQL Server and related programming tools.
• Self-motivated, eager to help and motivate others
• Willingness to take on special projects and initiatives.
• Self-learner with continuous interest in new emerging technologies
• Conformance to standards, Consistency and reliability.
• Punctuality and commitment to working hours, policies and procedures.
• Well organized and focused on time management.
• Ability to manage multiple tasks and priorities simultaneously while maintaining commitment to deadlines and deliverables.
• Ability to accommodate for additional work requirements upon need as well as extended working hours.

Post Date: Sunday, November 1, 2020

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