Diploma in Advanced Construction Technologies



The need for adopting advanced technologies has become necessary to achieve sustainable engineering projects, especially for the construction industry. This professional diploma in ACT, offered by the German University in Cairo, the Civil Engineering Program intended for professional civil engineering graduates interested to gain access to theoretical bases and along with current and future trends in ACT. Various Advanced Construction Technologies (ACT) have emerged over the last decades, in addition to related disruptive technologies.

New and active civil engineer graduates need to become aware of the technological advancements in field of construction, both in relation to concepts and practices in these areas within in a competitive job market. The construction industry stakeholders are looking for high-caliber candidates with knowledge and skills in construction disciplines, with preference for awareness of trending technologies. This diploma bridges the gap between undergraduate education and latest Advance Construction Technologies developments, both nationally and internationally

The structure of the four courses is designed to cover both fundamental and advanced topics in ACT, and to include relevant topics from disruptive trending technologies, such as Aerial and Terrestrial Laser Scanning (LiDAR) of construction sites, and Building Information Modelling (BIM), in terms of concepts and processes. Throughout course of study, enrolled participants will be exposed to both theoretical and practical aspects of ACT and will establish a solid understanding of fundamental and advanced concepts in the ACT.

Diploma’s Objectives

At the completion of the Diploma, the graduate will:

  • Understand principles and practices of Advanced Construction Technologies in the architecture/engineering/construction industry,
  • Develop the skills to new trends related to digital construction, and construction technology,
  • Have an enhanced ability to practice construction management (processes, people, procurement),
  • Acquire the theoretical and practical basis for project management (planning, financing, risk).

Eligible Candidates

  • Any applicant with BSc in Construction, Civil, Architecture Engineering or related fields will be admitted with priority given to earlier applications.
  • Language of Instruction: English.

    Diploma Duration: two semesters.

    Proposed Schedule: 2 days per week (Evening & weekend timings).

Diploma structure:

Semester Course Title Credit Hours ECTS
1 1. Sustainability, Green Buildings and Pavement Management System 2 5
2. Smart Contract, Claims and Arbitration, with support of LiDAR 2 5
2 3. Disruptive Technologies, including role of BIM, in Construction Management 2 5
4. Advanced Construction and Building Technologies 2 5
5. Capstone Project 6 weeks 5

Admission Steps:

  1. Applicants register online and fill in an admission application: https://www.guc.edu.eg/Postgraduate_Diplomas
  2. Applicants that fulfill the admission criteria are invited via e-mail to take the GUC English admission test (GUC graduates are exempted from this test).
  3. Applicants who are accepted are invited for a short interview.
  4. Submission of requested documents on the day of the interview.

Tuition & Fees:

Semester / Course Program fees 23/24 - EGP
Application fees 900
*Insurance fees 2,500
**Semester fees 25,000
Course fees 7,500
Diploma Late payment fees 500
Graduation Fees 500

*Insurance fees are refundable in case no damage are done or books are lost

**semester fees Paid in two installments during each semester

Semester / Course Program fees 23/24 - EUR
Application fees 50
Lab insurance 125
Semester fees 1,125
Course fees 340
Diploma Late payment fees 15
Graduation Fees 15

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e-mail: postgrad@guc.edu.eg



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