Diploma For Teaching German As A Foreign Language

Professional Diploma for Teaching German as a Foreign Language 

Program Overview:

GUC Center of Continuing Education in collaboration with GUC German Center offer to the German language teachers -at schools - the needed skills and techniques for teaching German as a foreign language for different age groups within the international schooling system.

The teacher-training program consists of a theoretical and a practical part and a large part of the program is dedicated to hands-on practice. The professional Diploma includes four modules covering the following contents.

  • Class Room Management.
  • Teaching Methodologies (delivery methods).
  • Effective Lesson Planning and Material Development.
  • Teaching Productive and Receptive Skills (writing, listening, speaking, reading) techniques.
  • Intercultural Training.
  • Innovation in Teaching German.
  • Coaching of Model teaching, which includes weekly teaching guided sessions followed by feedback experienced GUC coaches throughout the program.
  • Assessment Skills.
  • Reporting using Excel.
  • Feedback Skills.

Program Goals:

The aim of the program is to qualify teachers for teaching German at private and public schools to meet the universal standards in teaching. Through the professional diploma, the teacher becomes familiar with the methodology of teaching German as a foreign Language. The program is focusing on practical learning experience accompanied by theoretical know- how that is accompanied by interpersonal skills, basic business skills that are needed to cope with resent trends of teaching German as a foreign language.

Program Objective:

This teacher-training content addresses the different and the most up-to-date teaching methodology in teaching German as a foreign language. For example, competency based, communicative, four-step methodology, and other methodologies that every teacher of German language needs to get acquainted with in his/her career. This professional ToT provides the teachers with the necessary teaching techniques and skills to plan and to conduct a productive communicative German language class. The teacher training also focuses on identifying and developing communicative learning outcomes and adaptation/developing teaching materials for different target groups

Program Outcome:

By the end of the program, the teacher can:

  1. Define communicative learning objectives.
  2. Deliver an effective lesson plan.
  3. Apply different teaching methods in classroom.
  4. Effectively engage learners in classroom activities.
  5. Design and apply activities for all learners to improve their receptive and productive language skills.
  6. Use formative and summative techniques in class room evaluation.
  7. Design multimedia environments in class, using modern technology to enhance interaction with teacher and among learners for learning purposes.
  8. Practice constructive assessment & feedback skills in classroom.
  9. Report critically on students’ progress.

Program Structure:

Cluster 1: Classroom management and lesson planning

Cluster 2: Basic language skills and intercultural training.

Cluster 3: New media and teaching technology.

Cluster 4: Model teaching and coaching, which includes demonstration lessons with briefing and debriefing.

Target Audience:

  • German language teachers at schools with -No or short (1-2 year)- teaching experience.


6 months (18.5 weeks/146 hrs)


  • German Language Proficiency: Level C1
  • University Degree, preferable language studies

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