Faculty of Management Technology (MNGT)


"In today's fast changing competitive landscapes, business management means mastering complexity, assuring high responsiveness and constant learning. With our Bachelor and Master Program in Management Technology we are committed to educating students for leadership in a dynamic business environment".

Prof. Dr. Erich Zahn
GUC Founding Dean, Faculty of Management Technology


The transition of the world economy towards enacting market mechanism and globalization implies the escalating creation of further opportunities for youthful, ambitious and knowledgeable university graduates. Therefore, the importance of management as an academic discipline and professional career should be emphasized. As a professional discipline, Management Technology is an integrative science that covers many disciplines like international marketing, finance and insurance, international business and general management in their wide sense.

Programs Offered

Why studying

GUC offers two Management Programs: General Management and Technology-based Management.

General management program offers a flexible and a broadly generalist and managerial degree instead of a narrow and functional one. Thus, our students will move effortlessly from one functional area to another and work smoothly with colleagues in all areas. It will enable students to develop a broad-based range of business skills and concepts needed to effectively manage the functional areas of a company. The program fosters an understanding for the interdependencies of decisions made in the company and how value can be created by these decisions.

Technology-based management program offers a balanced combination of the business and technology skills required by managers in modern industry. It provides students not only with the general broad-based management knowledge but also with the technical knowledge needed to understand and manage organizations that compete in the high-technology industries, like developing knowledge and understanding of the foundation, techniques, limitations, recent developments and likely future trends in the following fields: Communication technology, information technology, multimedia technology, computer aided product design, modern manufacturing techniques, etc.
In these internationally and technology-focused programs we prepare our students for management responsibilities in large and medium-sized national and multinational companies that compete in global markets and high-tech industries by:

.: Creating an international learning environment
.: Offering a curriculum with an extraordinarily broad spectrum of management courses
.: Using proven and modern teaching methods
.: Assembling an excellent faculty
.: Maintaining strong ties with the business environment
.: Facilitating the readiness to accept social and ethical responsibility
.: Developing confident familiarity with appropriate information technology and its application within the commercial environment
.: Developing the personal skills in communication, team working and presentation and the ability to solve problems, to analyze and organize information.

Career Opportunities

Management Technology will equip students with skills and knowledge for a wide range of employment paths. Our graduates will find employment in production management, product design, quality management, sales and marketing, and in such sectors as information technology, electronics, computing, food, retailing, merchant banking and consultancy.

General Management B.Sc. graduates may be hired by all kinds of companies for positions in operational management.

Technology-based Management B.Sc. graduates can assume any position in management of an organization and are especially prepared to manage companies that compete in high-technology industries where technological progress is high.


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