Business Informatics

Offered By:   Management Technology Faculty


The Business Informatics program offers a balanced combination of the business and technology skills required by managers and team leaders in the modern world of computer-based business and administration. Information Technology (IT) is increasingly becoming a key pillar upon which most (if not all) of today’s organizations build their strategies and manage their operations everywhere across the globe. Hence, the demand for individuals who can master business managerial as well as the latest technical skills has never been more compelling. The business Informatics student at GUC acquires the capability to solve self dependently and based on scientific methods the problems arising in the field of Business Informatics (e.g. development and use of enterprise systems). The study program qualifies students in the main areas of system analysis & development, business process modeling, enterprise systems, e-business, information management and IT project management.


The Faculty of Management Technology offers an Egyptian Bachelor program in Business Informatics. This program consists of 8 semesters which take 4 years to achieve a Bachelor of Science in Business Informatics.

On the postgraduate level the Faculty offers an international Master of Science in Business Informatics. The International Master program is at the present time only open to graduates of the GUC. Besides some transferred credit hours of advanced courses form the Bachelor program, Master students need an additional one year that provides them with advanced knowledge within selected fields of Business Informatics, Management, and Computer Science. The program includes also advanced courses oriented to research in order to prepare the students for their master thesis. Based on a Master degree with excellent grades student may continue to pursue a PhD in Business Informatics.

Business Informatics Curriculum

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