Technology-based Management

Offered By:   Management Technology Faculty


The Technology-based Management (TBM) program offers a balanced combination of the business and technology skills required by managers in modern industry. It provides students with the full content of the General Management program (except: only one management major required) as well as with the technical knowledge needed to understand and manage organizations that compete in the high-technology industries. TBM students develop knowledge and understanding of the foundation, techniques, limitations, recent developments and likely future trends in one of the chosen fields of information & communication technology, pharmacy, or material engineering. In these internationally and technology-focused programs we prepare our students for management responsibilities in large and medium-sized national and multinational companies that compete in global markets and high-tech industries.


The Faculty of Management Technology offers an Egyptian Bachelor program in Technology-based Management. This program consists of 8 semesters which take 4 years to achieve a Bachelor of Science in Technology-based Management.

On the postgraduate level the Faculty offers an international Master of Science in Technology-based Management. The International Master program is at the present time only open to graduates of the GUC. Master students need an additional one year that provides them with advanced knowledge within special fields of Management or Economics. The program includes courses from an additional major of the student’s choice plus advanced courses oriented to research in the student’s field of the master thesis. The thesis must be written on a topic related to a selected technology field. Based on a Master degree with excellent grades student may continue to pursue a PhD in Management.


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