Faculty of Pharmacy and Biotechnology (PBT)


"Advancing medical standards, over-aging of the population and more sophisticated medicines are creating higher demands on pharmacists both in terms of numbers and quality.In Germany, there is a strong demand for pharmacists with only limited capacities at the universities. Therefore at my university in Tuebingen, for example, 6 candidates are applying for one student's place. There is a long tradition for high quality pharmaceutical research and education in Germany, the educational system is even covered by law. Export of quality in education and excellence in research to the GUC will be most important to ensure the success of this new university.As any investment in the education of the next generation is of utmost importance for a society, I am glad to serve as a founding dean for pharmacy".Prof. Dr. Stefan Laufer, GUC Founding Dean, Pharmacy


Pharmacy and Biotechnology are integrated fields of science. Pharmacy and Biotechnology are highly multidisciplinary; they have their roots in many fields including biology, microbiology, molecular biology and genetics, as well as chemistry, biochemistry, chemical and Pharmaceutical technology.
Biotechnology is the application of scientific and engineering principles to the processing of materials by biological agents to provide goods and services. Historically, biotechnology was primarily the art of manufacturing fermented foods in baking, brewing, cheese making and other bio-products. Modern biotechnology not only wishes to understand and improve such processes from a scientific standpoint but also to extend them to problems such as wastewater treatment or pollution control. Moreover, innovations brought about by molecular biology and genetic engineering allow unprecedented changes to be made to bio-components as well as to complete living systems. This includes protein and enzyme engineering or transgenic plants and animals. Last, but not least, our growing understanding of the human genome links biotechnology to pharmacology, medicine and disease control.
The curriculum of Pharmacy is carefully structured to prepare graduates for the high standards of both, contemporary pharmacy practice and the evolution of the profession. The experimental-based learning environment enables students to translate classroom learning into real pharmacy careers, meeting all demands of the professions. The main aim of the Pharmacy program is to provide students with requisite knowledge, skills and advanced experimental training to be graduated as certified, nationally and internationally competitive pharmacists with a broad background encompassing all disciplines of the field. The employability of the GUC Pharmacy graduate extends to varied fields, such as community pharmacy, hospital and clinical pharmacy, research and diagnostic centers, pharmaceutical companies (production, QA, QC, and R&D), drug representation and marketing of pharmaceutical products, academic positions; nationally and internationally, governmental and international inspection agencies, microbiological and biomedical diagnostic laboratories, food industry, forensic services, and cosmetic industry.

Programs Offered

Why studying

The Faculty of Pharmacy & Biotechnology is unique in nature. It is established to serve the needs of students concerned with Pharmacy and Biotechnology in an integrated form so that students can grasp the opportunity of both branches, which exposes students to the German high-quality pharmaceutical and biotechnological research and education as a means to solve problems related to pharmaceutical care, environment and industry. Biotechnology involves the practical application of organisms or their cellular components to manufacturing and service industries and environmental management. The Pharmacy Program offers the following specialities: Clinical Pharmacy, Pharmaceutical Technology, Drug Design and Monitoring , Pharmacology and Toxicology.
The Biotechnology Program offers the following specialities: Medical Biotechnology, Environmental Biotechnology, Bio-processing, Marine Biotechnology, Pharmaceutics, Industrial Micro-organisms, Agricultural Biotechnology.

Career Opportunities

There is a need for highly qualified graduate biotechnologists and pharmacists everywhere. Getting the degree will help you to prepare for an exciting career in these fields. Additionally, the combination of skills and knowledge obtained builds a sound background for a wide range of opportunities for employment or further studies.
The major industrial employers of Pharmacy and Biotechnology graduates are in the pharmaceutical and fermentation industries, but a wealth of new industries are being established (e.g. in health care biosensors, bioremediation, bioinformatics), and these will take an increasing share of biotechnology graduates.
Many industrialists are using biotechnological techniques to develop new processes and products, and employ biotechnologists in their research and development departments (R & D).