Offered By:   Pharmacy and Biotechnology Faculty


Studying the Biotechnology program at GUC, students will experience an international learning environment with the highest German standards according to which they will have a broad education in the relevant fundamentals and will be able to develop:
A sound fundamental knowledge in the basic biological concepts and their application and analysis in at least one of the following specialty areas: Medical Biotechnology, Environmental Biotechnology, Bio-processing, Marine Biotechnology, Pharmaceutics, Industrial Micro-organisms, Agricultural Biotechnology.


The Faculty of Pharmacy and Biotechnology is offering an Egyptian Bachelor program in Biotechnology. This program consists of 8 semesters which take 4 years to complete. In addition, the Faculty is offering an international Master of Science in Biotechnology. The Master program lasts for three semesters. During the 11th semester, Students have to achieve successfully experimental research work and to write a thesis with duration of 6 months.

Biotechnology Curriculum

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