Drug delivery, Drug formulations, and Clinical Application of Nanotechnology

This Cluster is closer to the applied science of Pharmacy. Drug formulation and the development of effective delivery systems are the central theme in this cluster.

Controlled release delivery systemsand novel transdermal delivery methods are developed with the aim to provide effective transport of any drug to its target and providing stability and long shelf-life of the formulated prescription.

Another focus is on the development of micr- and nanoparticles as drug carriers. Nanoparticles are promising as they can afford stabilization of the drug and long shelf life, while at the same time effectively bringing compounds to the physiological target. Intracellular delivery of proteins, DNA and drugs is another focus of the cluster.

Participating Research Groups

B.1        Molecular and Cellular Biotechnology          
B.2        Photobiology and Photochemistry           

C.2        GUC Alzheimer Research Unit                        

E.1        Nanoparticles, Micro- and Nano Drug Delivery Systems   
F.1        Microbiology, Biotechnology and Immunology