Nanoparticles , Drug Formulation, Micro- and Nano- Delivery Systems

I- Nanoparticles and Drug Delivery Systems:

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II- Micro- and Nano Delivery Systems:

Vision and Aim:

The research group goal lies in utilizing new micro/nano delivery systems in the efficient treatment of diseases.

Current research focuses on the preparation of novel drug delivery carriers such as: vesicular systems and colloidal nanoparticles whether polymeric or lipid. This is achieved using different methods of formulation and studying the different physico-chemical factors influencing the morphology, particle size and stability of these drug carriers.

The research activities also include the characterization of these drug carriers using advanced techniques such as the NMR, FTIR, electron microscopy and atomic force microscopy and studying their cell toxicity using techniques such as MTT assay. The pharmacokinetic behaviour of the prepared carriers and the drugs released from them also plays an important part of the research. Special attention is given to biologically important nano-carriers such as the chitosan, gelatin and PLGA nanoparticles, microemulsions, lipid nanocapsules and all kinds of vesicles (conventional and ultradeformable) together with their medical applications. The interaction of these nanoparticles with the different biological barriers such as cell membranes and skin is studied using different labelling techniques. Modelling the different parameters influencing the distribution of the carriers in the body such as the particle size and zeta-potential using design of experiments, artificial neural networks and multivariate statistical analysis is also a main concern that would lead to controlled and successful drug delivery and targeting.