Design, Synthesis and Characterisation of New Drugs and Pharmaceuticals

This research cluster represents the activities in the Faculty devoted to the design, synthesis and biological characterization of novel pharmaceuticals. Research groups at the GUC have established international collaborations so that the complete path from modelling a target protein, design of new ligands using in silico techniques ofcomputer-aided drug design,  molecular modelling and docking, to the actual synthesis, chemical analysis and characterization of the new compounds. Successful synthesis is then complemented by biological testing of the novel materials.

Aims ofthese approaches is the synthesis of highly specific and potent pharmaceuticals that enable specific therapeutic effects with minimal side effects and minimal cross-reactivity against closely related target proteins. Afurther focus is on the development of powerful analytical tools in the detection and chromatographic separation of new drugs and compounds.
This cluster has cooperations in the USA, UK, Germanym and Italy, as well as local and national cooperation partners.

Pharmacological targets include enzyme inhibitors (phosphodiesterase, kinases, cytochrome P540), hepatitis C protein inhibitors, receptor ligands (selective dopamine, melatonine, and acetylcholine receptor inhibitors).

Participating research groups:

A.1 Pharmaceutical Chemistry                          

                            Pharmaceutical Chemistry I

                            Pharmaceutical Chemistry II       

A.3 Pharmaceutical Analysis

                             Analytical Chemistry, Electrochemistry, Biosensors
                             Analytical Method development and applied chromatography 

B.2 Photobiology and Photochemistry