Pharmaceutical Analysis

I– Analytical Chemistry, Electrochemistry, Biosensors:

Motivation of the research, Vision and Aim:

The group is working on development of simple and low cost, accurate methods of analysis for pharmaceutical compounds that can be used for quality control and drug delivery.

Group’s research activities, expertise and focus points:

A new generation of electrochemical microsensors to facilitate biomedical research is currently in development, based on our previous applications for the analysis of different pharmaceutical compounds. Also, Molecular imprinting which is an amazing and attractive synthetic approach to mimic natural receptors is developed. This approach allows creation of specific recognition sites for a template in a polymer matrix during polymerization between functional monomer and crosslinker in presence of a particular template. Due to high mechanical stability against chemical and enzymatic attack, robustness, high selectivity for a particular template, low cost and preparation simplicity, Molecularly Imprinted Polymers (MIPs) have been widely utilized in a wide range of areas including drug delivery, enzyme mimetic, chromatographic separation, as synthetic receptors for proteins and biological molecules. In contrast to biochemical/biological recognition and immobilization schemes they were found to be advantageous in terms of their robustness, synthetic versatility, low cost, thereby rendering MIPs and related materials ideal molecular capture of a wide range of target molecules. The process involves using computer assisted programmes to predict the optimum conditions for preparation and binding of the MIPs to the target molecule, followed by their applications in analysis or as drug delivery systems. 

II- Analytical Method Development and Applied Chromatography:

Motivation of the research, Vision and Aim:

  • Analysis of water and fat soluble vitamins in pharmaceutical dosage forms and biological fluids 
  • Analysis of natural components present in areal and marine flora in egypt 
  • Analysis of drugs in novel formulations in biological fluids and dosage forms 
  • Analysis of naturally occuring fucntional molecules and drug metabolites in biological fluids and cell lines
  • Determination of the design space of analytical methods using design of experiments approach