Wireless communication Networks

The Networking and Communications Area focuses on the design and performance evaluation of communication systems and data networks of all kinds, including wireless/cellular, optical, ultra-low power, vehicular, and data center networks, and cyber physical systems. The research in this field ranges from analyzing and refining existing approaches to the development of new and evolving networking techniques. The main directions of research of this cluster are: wireless telecommunication networks, resource management, network architectures, network optimization, mobile services and applications.

The research topics in this cluster include:

  • Sensor network applications
  • Mobile services and application
  • Planning and optimization of indoor wireless 
  • Coexistence of WLAN and wireless sensor network
  • On-Off switching strategies for green LTE Networks
  • Scheduling strategies for cloud computing applications 
  • Future Internet
  • Intelligent transportation systems
  • Multi-hop networks

Research Groups: