Internet Technology

  • Internet research: Today's broadband networks are not like traditional networks such as railroads, or even circuit-switched telephone networks. Their vast matrix of interdependencies and shifting conditions make them fundamentally different, and require fundamentally different and novel approaches to understand them. Internet. Complexity also directly contributes to the high fragility of the Internet: minor disturbance or change in one part of the Internet may have large-scale cascading effects, causing wide-spread failures and performance degradations of applications and critical network services. The chains of casual relationships for these failures are poorly understood today. The problem is exacerbated by the fact that there is an increasing need to rapidly develop and deploy new capabilities (such as security, multicast, mobility). 
  • The main directions of research in this group are: Network Security, Network Optimization, Developing Various  Advanced Software Defined Networks, Novel Approaches to building and operating networks, Future Internet, Scheduling Strategies for cloud computing applications, and  Multi-hop Networks.



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