Continuing Education

The GUC Cairo Continuing Education Center offers programs/courses in the following areas:
  • Executive Education
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Human Resources Development 
  • Languages and Interpersonal Skills
    • German Language 
    • English and Interpersonal Skills
  • Information Technology 
  • Software training programs for Architecture and  Product design 
  • Pharmacy and Biotechnology
  • Training facility includes for special programs: 
  • Industrial Automation Academy
  • Industrial Park
GUC Centre of Continuing Education Designs and tailors Training Needs Analysis (TNA) for corporates and SME. 
Types of courses
  • Credit courses with exam whether individual or to complete a Diploma degree:
    Participating in a credit course requires attending a class for 30 contact hours. At the end of the course there is an exam. Upon passing, the participants get a Certificate of Achievement. According to the European Credit Transfer System 1 course is equal to a module = 7.5 ECTS. To achieve a diploma a student must complete 8 modules = 60 ECTS.
  • Noncredit courses with a certificate of participation:
    Participating in a non-credit course requires attending a class for 30 contact hours. At the end of the course there is no exam but based on the participant’s attendance of 80% of the course s/he will get a certificate of participation.



Participants who are registered in credit courses or the Diploma track have to take an exam at the end of the course and a certificate will be granted showing the equivalent credit hours, score, ECTS or grade.

Participants who are registered for non-credit courses are granted a certificate of participation on the successful completion of the course (subject to attending 80% of the course).

Course Material

Training programs and  workshop materials are designed according to the international standards and are subject for intellectual property criteria. Labs and computer facilities at GUC are available for participants practice.

Time Schedule

Courses are designed for professionals in all disciplines to enhance their skills and deepen their knowledge based on the semester calendar. However, in some special cases, tailored made courses according to the customer’s fitting time schedule are available based on demand.


Prospective participants should apply at least four weeks before the announced date for the start of any course. The German University in Cairo admits the diploma’s students two times a year; winter (admission in May– the semester starts in October) and spring semester (admission in November – the semester starts in February)