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The Architecture and Urban Design Program at the German University in Cairo, GUC, is an internationally-recognized study program.

This unique program is dedicated to advancing and improving the awareness, the understanding and the practice of Architecture and Urban Design, both locally and internationally, as an interdisciplinary field of science, focusing strongly on Building Technology.

The German University in Cairo awards a bachelor degree in Architecture and Urban Design after 10 semesters of study (5 years).

The Vision:

“The Architecture and Urban Design Program at the GUC aims at graduating professional architects, who are highly demanded- both internationally and locally- and are able to perform the roles of generalists, as well as specialists in different kinds of projects, as well as carry out research that serves the industry. It also aims at becoming a role model educational institution with a global scope in Egypt.”

To achieve this vision, students are brought up to understand the role of the architect in the society: in a project, s/he is the maestro; s/he conducts the entire building process, including all engineering disciplines/ specialties (structure, electromechanical, IT…), which operate under the architect’s umbrella. Thus, they practice the leading role they are going to play in both local and international markets. This is done through many practical assignments, which are strongly supported by theory and research. In addition, an internship period of at least 8 weeks is obligatory in either of the following:

  • An architectural design firm
  • A contracting company
  • A construction site
  • A real-estate development company

Within a balanced mix of theory, research and practice, the first 7 semesters are divided into a Basic Module and a Core Module. The Basic Module lays out and transfers the important spectrum of artistic, formative, technical, historical and social studies knowledge, as well as the basic methodologies needed for the study and practice of architecture, covering such courses as: architectural drawing, freehand drawing and modelling, history of architecture, structural design, CAAD/CAM and ecology and environmental control systems, in the form of lectures and their accompanying labs and tutorials.

On the other hand, the Core Module contains different levels of design studios, as well as building technology courses, which characterize the study program, including building construction, building physics, building materials and technical installations. In this module, students deepen their knowledge of the core courses of the study and practice of architecture and further develop their conceptual thinking with the aim of shaping their personal profiles. This is achieved through a large number of lectures, tutorials, seminars, design studios and excursions, as well as exchange programs that establish the international connection.

The 8th semester comprises the bachelor thesis/ project, which is the culmination of all the previous study and it is where the students display their knowledge and strengths.

After eight semesters of studying Architecture and Urban Design, students concentrate on one of two specializations in the 9th and 10th semesters:

  • Architecture and Urban Design
  • Building Technology and Integrated Design

By the end of their studies and through the wide range of offered courses and the practice-oriented curriculum, students acquire skills in design, planning and construction, as well as the knowledge and ability to coordinate interdisciplinary projects.

Graduates of the Architecture and Urban Design Program are educated to respect, analyze and protect different cultural backgrounds and accept social responsibility, as well as respond to local contexts and the local identity of prospective areas of work, while employing elements of sustainable development, as well as contemporary architecture theories, movements and technologies, which they put into practice in their designs.

GUC Architecture and Urban Design bachelor program ensures the graduation of highly-qualified architects, with an internationally-recognized education, who are well-equipped scientifically and, at the same time, have the ability to engage imagination, think creatively, innovate and provide design leadership. Graduates apply professional ethics and codes of conduct in their practice of architecture.

GUC Architecture and Urban Design Program plays an advisory and consultancy role in the society, both inside and outside Egypt. It establishes connections with professors in other universities, research centers, architects, planners, visionaries, and developers. This helps in continuously developing, and advancing the graduates, while increasing their awareness: a vision that guarantees a sustainable study program; one that plays a leading role in both the local and international markets.


Architecture Engineering Curriculum

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