Materials Engineering

Offered By:   Engineering and Materials Science Faculty


This program is designed to give students deep knowledge in mechanical engineering and materials science. Materials are conveniently classified into three basic groups: Metals, ceramics and polymers. This classification is based primarily on knowledge of mathematics, physics and chemistry. Another classification is advanced materials, those used in high technology application, viz. semiconductors, biomaterials, smart materials and nanoengineering materials.
Materials engineering involves the application of theoretical and practical knowledge of mechanical engineering principle, fundamental of engineering materials, structure mechanics and technical design to develop, produce or modify the specific needs of society. Based on understanding the microstructure-property relationship as we as the processing techniques of the materials, the student can control and change the properties for various industrial manufacturing applications. Also under this program the student learn how to select the optimum material and predict its behavior under various environmental and service conditions, and how to alter this behavior through materials design, research, and development.


The Faculty of Engineering and Material Science is offering an International Bachelor program in Materials Engineering. This program consists of 8 semesters which take 4 years to complete. The degree that will be issued is a Bachelor of Science in Engineering and Material Science. The international bachelor enables the students to enter an International Master Program. The International Master program is at the present time only open to graduates of the GUC. The Master programs consists of three semesters and the degree that will be issued is a Master of Science in Engineering and Material Science.

According to the law in Egypt demanding at least 10 semesters as requirement for the Egyptian Bachelor in Engineering, a student can get the Egyptian Bachelor after another year of his/her study after the International Bachelor program. This year is considered to be the first year (2 terms) in the study program towards getting the International Master.

Materials Engineering Curriculum

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