Course Catalog

Engineering Design II (EDPT 602)

Offered By:  Engineering and Materials Science Faculty


Ball and Roller Bearings: Construction and types, selection of ball-bearings, effect of axial load, design for variable loading, static capacity, friction and lubrication, materials and surface finish, mounting, permissible misalignment, contact stress, Clutches and Brakes: Disk or plate clutch, disk brakes, band brakes, block brake pivoted block brake, lining pressures Spur Gears: Laws of toothed gears, kinematics, types, manufacture methods, backlash, finishing methods, load on gear tooth, bearing loads, contact ratio, optimization, speed ratio, dimensioning, materials, lubrication, planetary gear trains, design Helical, Bevel, and Worm Gears: Types, geometry, tooth loads, design Cams and linkages: Manufacture, degree of freedom, four bar linkages, cranks, followers, basics of mechanisms Belt and Chain Drives: Types, positive and non-positive belt drives, roller chains, toothed chain Design with plastic materials: Design methods, recycling, cost Design of Optical Tools Measurement Devices: Design, Application, electrical and electromechanical elements