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Mechanics II (ENME 402)

Offered By:  Engineering and Materials Science Faculty

Course Prerequisites


The course is designed to introduce the engineering and material science students to the dynamics of particles and rigid bodies. The course represents a continuation of Mechanics I. Following topics are conveyed in this course: Kinematics: curvilinear motion of particles, relative motion, motions of systems of particles, kinematics of a rigid body, kinematics of multi-body systems. Kinetics: short review of basic principles, particle kinetics, relative motions, rigid body motion, engineering impact theory. Course Outcome The students will be able to apply Newton’s axioms to particles and finite rigid bodies and will understand, how motion and force are related to each other. A further objective of the course is to enable the students to deal with the mathematical description of motion, i.e. the kinematics of particles and rigid bodies.