Clinical Biochemistry

Research Topics:

1)      Cardiovascular Research

  • Genetic  susceptibility to cardiovascular disease
  • miRNA  in cardiovascular health and disease
  • Changes in inflammatory markers in cardiovascular disease
  • Modulation of nitric oxide metabolizing enzymes in cardiovascular disease

2)      Vitamin D Research

  • Effect of genetic variations in vitamin D metabolizing enzymes (synthesis, metabolism, receptor, plasma binding protein) on plasma 25(OH)D level and susceptibility to cardiovascular disease
  • Correlation between vitamin D and nitric oxide in health and disease
  • Vitamin D signaling

3)      Clinical Research with 57357 Hospital

  • Assessment of blood levels of chemotherapeutic drugs and their metabolites in blood of cancer patients
  • Examining the association of chemotherapeutic drug toxicity with its blood level and metabolites level
  • Optimization of chemotherapeutic drugs doses

4)      Metabolic Research

  • Changes in endocrine factors in Obesity
  • Mitochondrial diseases