Pharmaceutical Biology

The Pharmaceutical Biology Department of the Faculty of Pharmacy and Biotechnology - GUC has two research groups recognized as: the “Metabolomics” , and the “Molecular and cellular Biotechnology”. Each team is working on independent but complementary topics that relate to the same research interests of the Biology Department.  The research philosophy at the Pharmaceutical Biology Department is based on a belief that:”Good basic research always provides the motor for translational research”. Therefore, topics are basic research directed, but aim to improvements in applied research and possible clinical applications. Examples are research teams belonging to the “Metabolomics research group“ work on identifying and studying the effects of metabolites on various biochemical parameters providing a promise to accurate prediction of drug toxicity of widely used Egyptian phytomedicines. Beside that, the same group is working on clinical metabolomics for the discovery of specific cancer biomarkers and their role in disease progression. On the other hand, the “Molecular Cellular Biotechnology Group” is working on studying the mechanisms underlying solid and metastatic tumor progression, aiming at proposing reliable therapeutic strategies for cancer control and therapy. They are also interested in understanding the genetic basis of certain inherited tumors offering a tool for early detection of expected inherited diseases.

Research Groups in the department:

B1: Molecular and Cellular Biotechnology, Metabolomics, Pharmacognosy / Phytochemistry

I - Molecular and Cellular Biotechnology

II - Metabolomics

III - Pharmacognosy and Phytochemistry

B2: Photobiology and Photochemistry           

B3: Stem Cells    










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