The research cluster “Innovation” has been established by the departments of Innovation & Technology Management, Operation Management, and Strategic Management. Innovation is identified as the corner stone of the developments of nations, and is even receiving more attention since the global financial crisis as the only way out of its detrimental consequences. Therefore, the focus here is mainly on building the Egyptian innovation system and capabilities. The topics of the “Innovation” research cluster include:

  • Innovation as process: models of new product and new service development processes, generation and evaluation of ideas, innovation process capabilities.
  • Entrepreneur or the implementer of the innovation: effect of culture on entrepreneurial activities, role of education in building the entrepreneurial character, cross cultural differences in the entrepreneurial process.
  • National innovation system: policy changes required to stimulate innovation and entrepreneurship, enhancing the performance of innovative SME's in Egypt, the (missing) role of the financial service industry in promoting entrepreneurship and innovation.

Being a relatively new field in Egypt, the cluster is focusing on international cooperation and cross-country analysis. This will be mainly conducted through joint research projects and PhD/M.Sc. student exchange programs with prominent universities and research institutes in the innovation/ entrepreneurship field.

Research Groups: