Corporate Governance

The corporate governance research cluster has a wide portfolio of research in the corporate governance area, in an international, regional and local context. Topics covered by the group include international corporate governance developments, corporate governance in the Middle East, the relationship between boards of directors and institutional investors, trends in voting, directors' remuneration, compliance with corporate governance codes by both large and small companies and the relationship between corporate governance and firm performance. The cluster aims to conduct and encourage high quality research in corporate governance, engage in interdisciplinary and cross-border research through collaboration with contacts in Germany, UK and worldwide, disseminate the research of the cluster as widely as possible through published research, presentations at conferences and seminars, and consult with professional bodies, corporations and other groups, on corporate governance issues. The research agenda includes:

  • A Comparative Study of Corporate Governance Systems and Mechanisms in Middle East, Germany and UK
  • Compliance with the Corporate Governance Code(s)
  • The Role of Institutional Investors in Corporate Governance
  • Corporate Governance in Small Companies 
  • Corporate Governance in Alternative Investment Market (AIM) Companies
  • Directors' Share Options, Performance Criteria and Disclosure
  • The Effect of Board Composition on Corporate Strategy
  • Board Composition and Directors Remunerations: What Constitutes Good Governance?
  • A Comparative Study of Voting by Institution Investors in Middle East, Germany and UK.
  • Corporate Governance in Egypt
  • Corporate Governance in the Middle East
  • A Survey of Practice and Trends of Global Voting
  • Firm Financing in Transition Economies
  • Corporate Governance and Capital Structure
  • Corporate Governance, Institutional Investors and Socially Responsible Investment

Research Groups: