Next Generation Wireless Networks

Next Generation Wireless Networks Research Group:

Future wireless networks promise unprecedented capabilities on a scale that could not have been perceived a few years ago. A deluge of various networks will connect a great number of users and offer them an enormous number of services and information anywhere they may be. Thus, this research strives to realize the full potential of next generation wireless networks. The topics under this research fall into one of four umbrella subjects:

  • Mobile cloud computing: here we explore how cloud computing can be exploited in mobile networks. Particular interest is given to mobile and vehicular ad hoc networks (MANETs and VANETs) where potentially any device can offer cloud services. Security and privacy aspects are considered as well.
  • The Internet of Things (IoT): In the IoT, a great number of sensors and devices will be connected to the Internet to offer significant information to users that was not available before. Utilizing this information in an efficient way is critical to realizing the full potential of the IoT. Our interest lies in the design of advanced wireless sensor networks as well as utilizing the information that they produce.
  • Mobile context-awareness: In order to efficiently utilize the information provided by the IoT, and fully exploit the services of the mobile cloud, context-awareness is key. Research in this area focuses on methods of formulating the accurate context according to the interests and properties of the user.
  • Green computing: predictions say that by the year 2020, there will be between 50 and 100 billion devices connected to the Internet. This striking number of devices can be catastrophic in terms of energy consumption if the problem is not tackled immediately. Thus, this research explores energy efficiency in different types of networks. Examples include energy harvesting in sensor networks and extending the battery life of smart phones through intelligent computing.