Signal Processing and Telecommunications

The research of this cluster focuses on issues regarding the efficient processing and transmission of signals. This implies the investigation of techniques that transmit ever increasing data rates with multiple users while consuming less radio frequency spectrum and transmitted signal power. This cluster conducts research in the field of Wireless Telecommunication, Optimum and Adaptive Signal Processing, Digital Signal Processing, OFDM, Multiple Access Interference Cancellation in Multicarrier-CDMA and Cooperative Communications.

The research topics in this cluster include:

  • Software defined radio (LTE-Advanced & 5G)
  • Modeling and performance evaluation
  • Wireless sensor networks data compression & energy harvesting 
  • Wireless modulation, OFDM, MEMO, and massive MIMO
  • Wireless resource allocation and multiuser systems
  • Diversity and cooperative communications
  • Interference cancellation in CDMA systems

In the cluster recent work, new methods have developed for signal enhancement and noise cancellation and for implementing signal processing in distributed environments. In addition, cluster researchers have been developing new methods for representing and analyzing signals based on the mathematics and applying these to various application contexts. 

Research Groups: