Antennas and wave Propagation

The cluster is aimed at developing new techniques for modeling, design and measurements suitable for RF and Microwave Engineering. Such techniques include microwave circuits and antennas and advanced measurements and instrumentations. The cluster actively pursues research projects in radio-wave propagation measurements and modeling, electromagnetic properties, broadband fixed wireless communications, mobile wireless systems and antenna design and realization.

The cluster research facilities are:  

  • Advanced milling machine for PCB and planar circuits fabrication
  • 20 Ghz 4-port vector network analyzer
  • Power meters and spectrum analyzers
  • Vector signal generators

The research topics in this cluster include:

  • Measurements of different RF parameters of materials
  • Antenna design and realization for different applications (Medical, Communications,..)
  • Diagnosis using electromagnetic properties
  • Smart Antennas and Home Automation

Research Groups: