Interaction Design

Mention the motivation of the research conducted, Vision and Aim:

“Interaction Design” on an academic level needs to research “New Media” in order to distinguish potentials, which then will support the used techniques. As living in the information era, and the convergence of media types, IT techniques are changing rapidly and need to be observed nearly on a daily base. Our aim is to teach and introduce possibilities of media connectivity in order to support the conceptual base for innovations, which is the conductor of micro- as well as macro-scaled economies.

Information on the group’s research activities, expertise and focus points:

Research in the field within the term “Interaction Design”, which derives from the conceptual and practical usage of so called “New Media”, allows academic forecasts in the context of 2014 still currently changed paradigm of “Push” to “Pull” media: The receiver gets sender. This interaction gets supported by software media, media concepts and is driven by the fast development of media hardware in reference of the “Laws of Moore”, which says that the number of transistors on integrated circuits doubles approximately every two years until the year 2020 (1), (2). Thus “Interaction Design Research” as a catalyzer of those techniques is changing rapidly, especially in the field of Web Design and physical Computing. Examples of those numerous fields refer to Usability, Responsive Design, Internet of Things, Augmented Reality, Physical Computing, Information Architecture, Service Design, Personae, Mental Models, Sitemaps, Scenarios, Navigation Mechanisms, etc. Those subcategories are embedded in both our Departments “Graphic Design” and “Media Design”, since these two disciplines are mandatory connected in most of the cases. Accordingly to growing amount of media and their convergence, the research activities are growing faster and sometimes divergent to curricula details stated in the 1990ies and 2000nds. Even the chosen sources of research differ from the knowledge base of those eras. Since “New Media” is growing more rapidly than information printed in books, online sources are recommended.


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