Design for Sustainable Development

Design platform for achieving a positive change at the local level:

Research orientation:

Sustainable design is a multifaceted field in which creative and integrated solutions are applied within communities to achieve a transformation of knowledge into society.  With its potential, design platform is to create excitement and bring new energy to existing communities. Right now there are a lot of communities’ potentials that design is not reaching. This research considers the various abilities of design planning concerning the users needs and highlights the importance of certain design elements and principles necessary for including and sustaining the values of the environment, functionally and aesthetically. The main question is “HOW” can we extend the practice of design to support sustainable development in a large variety of local contexts such: Public spaces, Interiority, Traditional crafts.

The trend towards community design will be the main challenge to change existing situations into preferred ones, as stated by Herbert Simon. Through community design the needs of people will be identified and consequently a range of options for people will be developed.

Outcome of research will create the process by which innovative designed solutions to become powerful tools for communicating potentials of design at time when minimal economic resources can be used to achieve desired improvements.