Design and Humanities, Design as Driver for Tradition, Education and science

Product Design plays today a fundamental role in all parts of society. Beyond the aspect of creating new product lines and fashionable objects, Design supports the awareness of a whole society towards new aesthetics and values. In combination with other humanity disciplines like Sociology, Psychology and Biology, Design can lead innovation through the deep knowledge of the psychological and physiological character of Human Beings.

  • Tradition:

In the context of Egyptian Culture of traditional craftsmanship, Design enhances on one side the conservation of centuries-old techniques and material treating, on the other side the innovation through design of small companies in order to compete on the national and international market.

  • Education: 

The role of Design Education in the context of the Arabic region, the opportunities of improving live condition through self-participation, social integration and communication leads to better understanding of existing techniques and knowledge, but also to a renewed Design Thinking in the Arabic context, but also to strong social awareness of young designer in the Region.

  • Science:

Design as Science goes from Usability, Cognitive Sciences to Biomechanical Physiological Analysis of users in order to raise the quality of local products to international level of functionality, quality of interaction and accessibility. In this field are treated social aspects such as multisensorial Design for impaired people.


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