Failure Analysis and Life Assessment in Structural Composite Materials

This research cluster focuses on failure analysis and material characterization under monotonic and cyclic loading in structural composite materials.  New nontraditional processing is introduced for the fulfillment of new emerging structural materials based on architectural design guide of composite.  Shape memory alloy along with self-healing materials or traditional structural composite are introduced.  In addition to the processing of bioactive implants for wound healing and bone regeneration via recycling are also introduced.

The following areas are covered in this research group:

  • Failure Analysis of structural materials and their life assessment
  • Acoustic Emission monitoring in structural composite materials and life prediction
  • Engineering of Shape memory alloy in structural composite materials
  • An integrated self-healing system for reducing fatigue crack growth rates and mitigation of crack in structural composite materials
  • The processing of Biodegradable materials for wound healing and bone regeneration

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