Water Network Analysis and Innovative Wastewater Treatment

Motivation of the Research Group:

To develop strategies that will result in sustainable development of rivers, and ensure reliable supply of fresh water meeting current and future demands. Ensuring reliable and sustainable supply of fresh water in consideration of anticipated climate change, by: minimizing environmental impacts, considering historical events of river flow variability and storage, and understanding the phenomena of sediment dynamics, flow dynamics and behaviour of the individual hydraulic particle movement to predict the mass balance. 

Group Research Activities, Expertise and Focus Points:

  • Treatment of wastewater using natural managed aquifer recharge and treatment of wastewater using algae
  • Energy production from algae and wastewater treatment and dispersion in natural streams
  • Erosion in river bed due to abutment, in river bank cohesive sides and of cohesive soils
  • Water hammer equation in pipes and numerical analysis of water hammer equations
  • Scheduling and repair of pipes in a water network
  • Machine learning methods in hydroinformatics