Sustainable River Development and Sediment Management Techniques

Motivation of the Research Group:

To develop strategies that will result in sustainable development of rivers, and ensure reliable supply of fresh water meeting current and future demands. Ensuring reliable and sustainable supply of fresh water in consideration of anticipated climate change, by: minimizing environmental impacts, considering historical events of river flow variability and storage and understanding the phenomena of sediment dynamics, flow dynamics and behaviour of the individual hydraulic particle movement to predict the mass balance. 

Group  Research Activities, Expertise and Focus Points:

  • Shallow Flow and sediment transport for River Mechanics. Considering: the influence of the geometry of shallow reservoirs on flow patterns and sedimentation, river morphology and sediment transport and suspended Load Transport in Shallow Reservoirs.
  • Dam impacts, reservoir sedimentation and Sediment Management Techniques. Considering: design of flood mitigation dams and echo-friendly adaptation design for stilling basin, assessing impact of Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam, stochastic sediment deposition processes of large reservoirs, and sediment management in the Nile Basin Countries.
  • Experimental measurements and monitoring techniques considering: large scale PIV, turbidity meter and optical backscatter technique for suspended sediment concentration, and Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) method.
  • Numerical simulation for water and sedimentation patterns and the modeling of: sedimentation and flow patterns, sediment flushing in dam reservoirs , and Nile River navigation system.