Earthquake-Resistant Design and Finite Element Modeling

Motivation of the Research Group:

Focus on the three main research areas: earthquake-resistant design, finite element modeling, and solid mechanics.  Engaging young researchers and academics, including colleagues from international universities in Germany and Europe to conduct joint research in the preceding areas: Apply for funds to support the ongoing research, participate in the academic events such as conferences and workshops to disseminate knowledge about the ongoing research at the GUC and publish the research results in international peer-reviewed journals.  Also, future research plans includes the extension of the current research to the areas of energy and impact of civil structures.

Group Research Activities, Expertise and Focus Points:

  • Earthquake-resistant design with focus on multi-mode pushover methods, performance-based seismic design, seismic hazard maps, assessment of code-designed reinforced concrete structures, vibration control techniques, and numerical methods for seismic analysis.
  • Finite element modeling with focus on solid mechanics, soil-structure interactions, fluid structure interactions, wave propagation in infinite media, material modeling, and nonlinear dynamic buckling of structures.

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