Sustainable Building Technology and Construction


This group is concerned with the whole cycle of the building design and construction from inception to completion, occupation, and demolition, with particular emphasis on: building physics, construction technologies, demolition and recycling. The aim is to find technological innovative solutions to current building problems, in order to ensure a sustainable, environmentally friendly and cost efficient building throughout the life cycle of a building.

Research Activities:

Research activities that are concerned with the research group efficient construction material, advanced construction methods, offsite construction and prefabrication, thermal comfort, green construction and green architecture, smart buildings, adaptive façade construction, waste recycling and management, green roofs, zero fossil energy buildings.

RG2.1 Night Cool: Development of low cost renewable cooling and heating systems for Egyptian buildings:

The research project is about the development of low cost collectors able not only to provide heating and domestic hot water but also cooling for building located in hot and dry areas (such as Egypt) by taking advantage of long-wave radiation from roofs towards the sky during night time. Until now this cooling effect has never been utilized for a technical cooling process in buildings so therefore the project could launch a new technical concept for cooling houses in arid regions.

RG2.2 A2L-Mobilius: Affordable and Adjustable Living and Mobility for sustainable Integrated Urban Systems in Egypt