Faculty of Applied Sciences and Arts (ASA)


The new Design Study Programs offered under the Faculty of Applied Arts and Sciences at the German University in Cairo is a modern array of study programs in Design, consciously rooted in the traditions of both Egypt and Germany . The aim of the program is further to develop personalities of young women and men with the ability to create new products for the Egyptian and international market with a special focus on the needs of new markets in the middle East, Africa, Europe, India, China, which are all in a process of constant change and in search for new ideas.

Graduates of the Design study program will have solid practical and theoretical knowledge in the fields of product design, multimedia, information and communication design, graphic design. This will qualify them for a wide range of successful careers in the industry worldwide. In particular they will understand the core concepts of Design, develop highly practical skills in the use of essential knowledge and in the theory of design, cultural studies, design and digital media systems, product design and architecture, be able to critically evaluate the fundamental technologies that underpin multimedia information systems and their authoring plan, design, organize, implement and evaluate multimedia information systems projects, master a range of transferable skills including interpersonal and intercultural communication, independent thinking, problem solving and team working, be able to work in a multicultural environment to achieve objectives, create new products, have the ability to pursue further studies and research nationally and internationally, have excellent opportunities to pursue their postgraduate studies and research at GUC, in Germany, Europe and worldwide.

As a consequence our students will have the skills, both technical and personal, which will allow them to communicate successfully in multicultural, intercultural, interdisciplinary and rapidly changing external environments.

Programs Offered

Career Opportunities

Graduates of the Design program have excellent chances in development and research in Design. They have great opportunities to develop a new profile for Design and to establish new occupational profiles and job opportunities for the region. There are new needs for young, modern and highly professional Designers in Multimedia companies, Internet Design companies, CI (Logos, Letterheads, Ads, appearance in public) for companies, museums and institutions, Marketing, Video- Music clips, TV and Film Industry, new products for the industry like furniture, interfaces between new materials, computer clips and Design, e.g. intelligent clothes and furniture. Design graduates can also work as Art Directors, Screen Designers.


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